Standard Operating Procedure on Product Release Procedure

Standard Operating Procedure on Product Release Procedure

1. Purpose

The purpose of this standard operating procedure (SOP) is to outline the systematic process for releasing products within the organization. This procedure ensures that products meet quality standards, regulatory requirements, and are ready for distribution to customers.

2. Scope

This SOP applies to all personnel involved in the product release process, including production, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, and distribution teams.

3. Responsibilities

3.1. Production Team:

  • Manufacture products according to approved procedures and specifications.
  • Document production activities accurately.
  • Notify Quality Assurance (QA) upon completion of manufacturing.

3.2. Quality Assurance (QA) Team:

  • Review batch records and testing data for compliance.
  • Conduct final quality checks before release.
  • Approve or reject products based on established criteria.

3.3. Regulatory Affairs Team:

  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Maintain records of regulatory approvals.
  • Provide necessary documentation for product release.

3.4. Distribution Team:

  • Coordinate logistics for product distribution.
  • Ensure proper labeling and packaging of products.
  • Communicate with regulatory authorities for import/export requirements.

4. Procedure

4.1. Initiation of Product Release:

  • Upon completion of manufacturing, the production team notifies the QA team.
  • QA reviews batch records, testing data, and any deviations.
  • Regulatory affairs team verifies regulatory compliance.

4.2. Quality Assurance Checks:

  • QA conducts final quality checks on the product.
  • Ensure product meets specifications, including physical attributes, labeling, and packaging.
  • Review all relevant documentation for completeness and accuracy.

4.3. Regulatory Compliance Verification:

  • Regulatory affairs team verifies compliance with applicable regulations.
  • Ensure all necessary approvals and documentation are in place.
  • Address any regulatory concerns or issues before release.

4.4. Approval Process:

  • QA provides final approval for product release.
  • Regulatory affairs team confirms regulatory compliance.
  • Only products meeting all requirements are approved for release.

4.5. Documentation and Record Keeping:

  • Maintain comprehensive records of the product release process.
  • Document approvals, testing results, and any deviations.
  • Ensure records are accessible for regulatory inspections.

4.6. Product Release:

  • Upon approval, authorize the release of the product for distribution.
  • Ensure proper labeling and packaging according to regulatory requirements.
  • Coordinate with the distribution team for timely shipment.

4.7. Post-Release Activities:

  • Monitor product performance and customer feedback.
  • Address any post-release issues promptly.
  • Document any adverse events or complaints for regulatory reporting.

5. Training

All personnel involved in the product release process must receive training on this SOP. Training should cover the procedures outlined herein, as well as regulatory requirements and quality standards relevant to product release.

6. Revision History

Any updates or revisions to this SOP must be documented, including the date of revision and a brief description of changes made.

7. References

List any relevant documents, regulations, or standards referenced in this SOP.

8. Approval

This SOP must be approved by relevant department heads or designated personnel responsible for quality assurance and regulatory affairs.

9. Distribution

Ensure all personnel involved in the product release process have access to this SOP. Distribute copies electronically or in print as needed.

10. Implementation

This SOP becomes effective upon approval and must be followed for all product releases within the organization.

11. Review

Regular reviews of this SOP should be conducted to ensure it remains current and effective. Any necessary updates or revisions should be made promptly.

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